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At Urbana Academy in Monrovia, Maryland, we believe that every woman has the right to feel safe and confident. Our specialized women’s self-defense classes are designed to empower you with practical skills and techniques to protect yourself in any situation.

Why Choose Urbana Academy for Women’s Self-Defense?

Experienced Instructors: Our classes are led by experienced instructors who are experts in self-defense and martial arts. They provide personalized training to ensure you gain the confidence and ability to defend yourself effectively.

Comprehensive Training: Our program covers a wide range of self-defense techniques, including striking, grappling, and situational awareness. We focus on real-world scenarios to ensure you are prepared for any threat.

Supportive Community: Join a community of strong, like-minded women who support and motivate each other. Our classes foster a positive and empowering environment where you can grow and thrive.

Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Monrovia, Maryland, Urbana Academy is easily accessible for residents of Frederick County and surrounding areas. Our flexible class schedules make it easy to find a time that works for you.

Join Us Today!

Take the first step towards empowerment and safety. Sign up for our women’s self-defense classes at Urbana Academy. Whether you’re a beginner or have previous training, our program is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

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