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Which are the Mental Health Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) can have several mental health benefits. @ Urbana Academy we have seen many of our students benefited from:

Stress Reduction

BJJ provides an outlet for stress and tension, allowing practitioners to focus on training and leave daily worries behind.

Improved Mental Resilience

BJJ training can be mentally challenging, teaching perseverance and helping individuals develop a "never give up" attitude.

Enhanced Confidence

As you progress and achieve in BJJ, it boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Emotional Regulation

The discipline required in BJJ can improve emotional control and help manage anger and frustration.

Focus & Concentration

BJJ demands intense focus on technique and strategy, which can improve your concentration and mindfulness.

Problem-Solving Skills

BJJ involves complex movements and techniques, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Social Connection

Training BJJ @ Urbana Academy provides a sense of belonging and support, which can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Mood Elevation

Physical activity releases endorphins, which can elevate mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.


BJJ encourages self-awareness and self-discovery, helping people better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Respect & Discipline

BJJ emphasizes respect for training partners and instructors, instilling discipline, and etiquette.

It's important to note that while BJJ can be beneficial for mental health, it is not a replacement for professional mental health care when needed. If you're dealing with significant mental health challenges, it's essential to consult with a mental health professional.

Urbana Academy
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