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Where would your kid train for a month if you had a chance?

Choosing the right Martial Arts gym for your kid involves careful consideration. When choosing a gym, you might want to prioritize convenience, goals and cost-effectiveness. By determining your kids' needs, whether it's weight loss, sedentarism avoidance, higher discipline and focus, or good health, the fact of having clear goals will guide your selection for the right gym for your children.

At Urbana Academy, we ensure martial arts is a sport your kids wants to pursue. Here are some steps to help you select Urbana Academy as your best choice:


Look for Martial Arts Academies around Maryland and compare it with Urbana Academy's reputation. Read our online reviews, talk to other parents, and ask for recommendations from friends or local organizations around Frederick who knows us better.

Visit AcademieS

Visit different Academies in person to get a sense of their environment, cleanliness, and equipment. Pay attention how well Urbana Academy's atmosphere caters to children and how our hygiene is crucial for your child's health.

Instructor Qualifications

Come and ensure how Urbana Academy has qualified and experienced instructors who can teach kids effectively and safely. Our instructors have relevant certifications.

Safety Measures

Ask us about our safety protocols, including protective gear requirements and injury prevention practices. At Urbana Academy, we make sure all of us take safety seriously.

Age-Appropriate Classes

Come and look how we offer age-appropriate classes and divisions to ensure your child is learning at an appropriate level.

Class Schedule

Check our classes schedule and how it fits into your child's routine.

Special Promotions

Urbana Academy offers seasonal promotions and trial classes for short-term memberships. Ask us if some promos are coming up this quarter.

Location and Accessibility

Urbana Academy is conveniently located at the heart of Maryland, and it's easily accessible, which makes it more convenient for regular attendance.


Compare our membership fees and any additional costs like equipment and uniforms. Ask us for our cancellation policy in case your kid decides for some reason to not continue after one month. We're flexible.

Philosophy + Values

Ask us about our philosophy and values. It's important to align this with your kids' approach for training and discipline. Please evaluate how other gyms don't even consider this as something important.

Parent Involvement

Come and connect with parents whose children attend Urbana Academy, and ask for their feedback and experiences.

Community & Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Urbana Academy can greatly impact your motivation. Find out by yourself how well your kids will feel comfortable and motivated to work out.

Personal Trainers and Group Classes

Visit us and inquire about these options, and how they can be included in your membership.


Your child's safety and enjoyment should be the top priorities for choosing the right gym for your child. No other gym in Maryland encourages and supports your kids' fitness goals with such passion and dedication like Urbana Academy.

Urbana Academy
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