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Krav Maga is considered the most famous real life  self defense fighting system in the world.  It was developed in Israel for the I.D.F and is practiced every day.   It was developed for extreme self defense situations for the urban environment by mixing several fighting styles and scenarios. 


Our Krav Maga kids program “Little Ninjas” offers your child a safe place where they can learn to defend themselves and learn  additional skills such as:

  • Preventive behavior to avoid dangerous situations,

  • Urban and environment awareness.

  • Self discipline.

  • Anger management education and body control.

  • Increase physical fitness.

  • Focusing and strengthening mental strength.

  • Work on cognitive and motor coordination skills.

  • A positive and supportive overall atmosphere.

  • Teaching respect and appreciation.

  • No pre knowledge required –just a smile and perseverance.