Fitness Programs

We offer multiple fitness programs at Urbana academy, including kickboxing, slow motion resistance training and yoga.   You can find information on class times on our schedule page.   Class descriptions are below.  Kickboxing and slow motion resistance training are taught by Veronika Farkas.   Her bio is listed below. 

VF Brand SMR Training Class

VF Brand SMR Training Class

Slow Motion Resistance Training system by VF is a Perfect Workout for people at any age to supplement their fitness program. This unique slow motion method of strength training loads the muscles more effectively, makes exercise both harder and more productive, and helps achieve maximum fitness benefits. Participants need to bring their own pair of free weights to class

Urbana Academy has partnered with Vf Fitness to provide additional opportunities for folks to get in shape.    Click here to sign up for the class and learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Classes cost are held 1x a week on Sundays from 8-9 AM.   Cost is $150 for a 10 week training program


Strengthen your entire body, release everyday stress and improve your self-confidence.  Fight to be fit by packing cardio and total body toning into one punch with this authentic, kickboxing inspired workout. Kickboxing is held on Thursday nights and Saturdays.   Check out our schedule page for times.

Veronika Farkas, founder and artistic director of VF Dance and Fitness, LLC was born in Budapest, Hungary where she started her career at a very early age. During her childhood she was exposed to strict European dance training, in various Conservatory Programs. Boarding Art/Dance schools included such places as the Budapest Ballet Dance Academy in Hungary, the Moscow Ballet Academy in Russia and the Berlin School for the Performing Arts in Germany. 

Moving to US she continued to dance at Maryland Youth Ballet, the Alvin Ailey School and Broadway Dance Center in New York, and even lived in Cancun Mexico where she has danced and trained Dolphins.

Veronika holds degrees in Dance Choreography and Performance, Theater Performance, and Arts management. She is a certified trainer and group fitness instructor and proud member of AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Mrs.Farkas has been on faculty for many organizations, such as Director of Dance at Imagination Stage, BlackRock Center for the Arts, and Sidwell Friends School. After completing a strong background in the arts side, Ms. Farkas decided to step to the medical side of the field and completed a Human Movement /Athletic Track Program at Arizona School of Health and Sciences (A/T Still University).