Michael Lathwood

Judo Black Belt

Michael Lathwood teaches Judo at Urbana Academy.   He holds a second degree black belt in Judo and started his training in 1992.  He achieved 1ST Degree Shodan in December 2005 and 2nd Degree Nidan in November of 2011.

Michael wrestled in high school and has enjoyed training a number of martial arts for years, including Kung Fu and Karate.   Mr. Lathwood also holds a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu.

Michael enjoys competing in Judo tournaments and recently competed in his first jiu jitsu tournament.  His judo tournament experience includes:  AmCan multiple years, NY Open, and many other Eastern regional Tournaments, including 2007 AmCan Bronze Medalist.   He also enjoys competing in jiu jitsu tournaments such as the NAGA, Good Fight and Copa Nova.  

2007 AmCan Bronze Medalist

2009 Pan Am Masters Bronze Medalist

2011 USA National Judo Gold Medalist

2013 USA National Judo Bronze Medalist